Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect, and compromise from both sides. Find information to support positive relationships and referrals if you or a loved one need help.
Communication and Conflict
10 Ways to Make Difficult Conversations Easier
Conflict Styles Assessment
How To Express Feelings... and How Not To
The Art of Listening in Six Simple Steps
Young Couple and Autumn sunny day
Domestic and Family Violence
Six Ways to Support a Loved One Through Domestic Violence
How to Have REAL Talk About Domestic Violence
Resources for Albertans Experiencing Gender-based Violence
What is Sexual Violence
Healthy Relationships
Relationships: What’s Healthy and What’s Not
When a Loved One Comes Out
Setting Healthy Boundaries

Find Support for Domestic, Family, or Sexual Violence

Family Violence Info Line
Call 310-1818 (toll-free in Alberta), provides help in more than 170 languages.
Family Violence Emergency Shelters
Call 1-866-331-3933, anytime 24/7.
Sexual Violence - Get Help
Alberta-based supports, including financial, victim services, and legal supports.

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