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Do you have a question about a trending health topic or medication that you’ve heard about on social media? Perhaps you would like to learn more about a diagnosed health condition, Health Canada recall, or advice for leading a healthier lifestyle?

ASEBP’s lead pharmacist answers your healthy lifestyle questions. Click on a topic or use the search to browse through the archive. Questions are periodically chosen throughout the school year and shared on ASEBP social media.
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Is vaping less harmful than smoking and is it a good option to help me quit for good?
Iron binds to certain prescription drugs and supplements, preventing them from working effectively. Learn more about what to consider when taking an iron supplement.
Some health officials are warning about a potential "triple-demic" this fall and winter as influenza, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) surge at once. Find information about available vaccines.
Learn more about intermittent fasting and which common weight management drugs are covered by ASEBP.
Pharmacists are doing more for their patients than ever before. Learn more about how Alberta pharmacists can now assess, order lab-based tests, and prescribe for minor ailments.
Everyone has difficulty sleeping from time-to-time. Learn helpful considerations about common over-the-counter sleep aids.
Some key questions to consider before starting any vitamin or supplement product.

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